Mission statement

To design, engineer and manufacture superior quality professional audio products.

The Shareholder’s vision for beyerdynamic is as a specialist manufacturer and engineering company with a specific focus within the Conferencing and Transducer (headphones / headsets & microphones) market segments.

With this focus, the following markets will also be served:

  • Broadcast markets
  • Tele / Video Conferencing markets
  • Recording / Film / Studio & Live markets
  • Musicians
  • High-end Consumer markets

core purpose, values & goals

beyerdynamic will re-establish its core purpose, values/ abilities & goals:

• to be recognized as the leading manufacturer of professional audio products
• to bring innovative technology into our designs
• to ensure exemplary manufacturing
• to ensure excellent customer service
• to encourage our staff to excel to the best of their abilities
• to operate on a sustainable financial basis for profitable growth

Continuous research and development

beyerdynamic commits to a policy of continuous research and development employing a highly qualified team of engineers thus insuring the company’s future as a leader in the audio industry.

Ms. Shirley Beyer, Family Bikel

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