1924Foundation of Elektrotechnische Fabrik Eugen Beyer in Berlin. The young engineer started with the development and production of loudspeakers for the upcoming soundfilm.
1937Serial production of the first dynamic headphones, the DT 48, starts. They were in production till the end of 2012.
1939beyerdynamic presents the first dynamic microphone for studio use, the M 19. It made history as the standard microphone of the "Reichsrundfunkgesellschaft" (Germany's national broadcasting station).
1953A revolutionary development for record shops: the DT 49 "stick" headphone gave rise to the famous disc bars.
1962Production of the "transistophone", the first wireless microphone starts.
1963The newly developed M 88 directional microphone is selected as the only microphone for Queen Elizabeth's first official visit to Australia.
1966As exclusive microphone for the first Beatles tour through Germany, the E 1000 made the breakthrough. In those days only insiders knew that is was a ribbon microphone from beyerdynamic which had been delivered as OEM product to a supplier for orchestra electronics.
1969The M 500 ribbon microphone proves that the lacking ruggedness of ribbon microphones, described in old textbooks, is definitely a thing of the past.
1973Launch of the DT 204 quadrophonic headphones.

The first Tour Guide System „Informaphone FSE 20“ has been



Introduction of the ET 1000, the first electrostatic headphones, developed and manufactured in Germany.

1980The DT 880 dynamic headphones with electrostatic performance becomes the classic of the headphones premium line.
1985The new DT 770 and DT 990 Premium Line headphones which feature a so-called "diffuse-field equalized" frequency response are suited for audiophiles. With the MC 740 studio condenser microphone featuring switch selectable directional patterns, beyerdynamic now joins the manufacturers of the very best products in this field.
1987An 18-channel wireless set is used in the production of the hit musical "Cats" in Amsterdam.
1988The exclusive headset used at the Olympic Games in Seoul/Korea is the beyerdynamic DT 108/DT 109.
1989Extremely robust and high-volume TG-X microphones, the world's first dynamic microphone series with neodymium magnet for musicians was introduced into the market.
1990With the MC 742 stereo studio condenser microphone beyerdynamic illustrates the continued high quality and innovative beyerdynamic products.
1995At the International Music Fair in Frankfurt / Germany, the U 600 is presented, beyerdynamic's first PLL synthesised UHF wireless system. Designed to meet the demands of professional broadcasters the DT 200 series of headsets is introduced. The DT 531 Hi-Fi headphone is awarded the Diapason d'Or in France.
1996With the RSS 433 wireless headphone music can now be enjoyed indoors or outside. The world's smallest studio microphone, the MCE 7 is launched to complement our range of clip-on microphones.
1997The MCD 100, the world's first digital studio microphone is presented at the 100th AES convention in Copenhagen. In Germany, the musical "The Beauty and the Beast" was equipped with a 32-channel U 600 UHF-system.
1998beyerdynamic introduces the MCS and MCW digitally controlled conference systems. The MCW is the world’s first wireless discussion system in series, a milestone of the still young Conference technology segment. The SMS 600 Stereo-In-Ear-Monitoring-System is another technical innovation for complete freedom of movement for musicians or broadcast presenters.
1999The condenser microphone range is extended with the MCE 90 series. The development of the MCD 100 digital microphone is continued with the introduction of the MCD 801/803/805. Germany's new parliament in Berlin, the Bundestag, is equipped with beyerdynamic's digital microphones.
2000The new Opus range is a cohesive family of products optimised for music performance. Guided tours or simultaneous translations are made easy with the new TTS 30 communication system.
2001beyerdynamic launches the MCW-Digital, the first digital wireless conference system. This system features numerous intelligent details and is safe against unauthorised listening due to digital encryption.
2002beyerdynamic presents the new generation of gooseneck microphones. The modern design of the SHM 200 and SHM 800 series blends into the architectural environment perfectly. The new MC 930 is a cardioid true condenser microphone for stage and studio at an excellent price/performance ratio. At this year´s FIFA World Cup in Korea and Japan the matches are reported with the new beyerdynamic DT 297 headset.
2003The new wireless microphone series Opus 800 with “Automatic Channel Targeting“ function is presented.
2004By using the steno-s Conference and Recording Software, meetings and discussions can be recorded on PC and file the minutes later on a CD or in a network. For the first time the patented “Ear Patron” hearing protection technology is implemented in the SIS interpretation system.
2005Start of the world’s first MANUFAKTUR online manufacture for headphones which allows individual configuration of the premium headphones DT 770, DT 880, DT 990.
2006The new Opus 900 wireless system is introduced for the professional touring and installation range. The HS 300 pilot headset is launched and the new Aviation business unit is established. The portfolio is complemented with efficient, digital wired components and individual, customised conference solutions due to the take-over of the conference technology specialist interkom in Hanover, Germany. The first mobile headphone system which allows professional monitoring with virtual 5.1 reproductions is called “Headzone” and sets new standards for studio applications. The newly patented conference microphone unit called “Revoluto” – wired and digital - provides a corridor characteristic and features a perfect voice transmission without gooseneck microphone.
2007The world’s first HS 600 DANR headset with digital noise reduction for communication in cockpits is launched and gains additional market shares for beyerdynamic. Based on the microphone capsule of the MC 930 true condenser microphone beyerdynamic developed with the TG-X 930 a top class vocal microphone and pushed forward into the upper regions of this product segment. With Headzone Gaming and Headzone Home the technology of the surround headphone becomes available for the private use at home.
2008With the addition of the Gaming and Aviation headsets to the MANUFAKTUR, the individual, customised manufacturing, beyerdynamic underlines the “Handmade in Germany” brand management. The co-operation with the furniture manufacture Rosenthal-Einrichtung results in the launch of a common product: a foldable built-in microphone unit with integrated Revoluto technology and connector panel for conference tables.
2009The M(y)88 MANUFAKTUR allowed manufacturing the classic M 88 TG microphone according to contemporary designs or individual ideas of the artist. Beyerdynamic won the internationally acknowledged “red dot design award” in the category Product Design 2009. Beyerdynamic accepts the challenge of modern communication and complements the conference range with a wireless Revoluto version. The T1 is the latest top model of the premium line. It is the first headphone of a new generation, the so-called Tesla headphones with newly designed acoustic transducers.
2010The T 50 p - the first mobile headphone with tesla technology made in germany - wins the EISA Award and becomes "Mobile Headphone of the Year in Europe". With DT 1350 beyerdynamic presents the first studio-headphone with tesla technology.
2011The Synexis wireless system is designed for guided tours, assistive listening, interpretation applications and can also be used as command system or for blind coverage.
2012Quinta, the new wireless conference system, makes use of advanced technology for the fifth generation such as the intelligent, fail-safe frequency switching, an AVB interface or control via smartphone or tablet PC. The new CUSTOM ONE headphones are "interactive” and can be adapted to the personal style of its owner. With individual design and a Sound Slider which allows changeable sound characteristic beyerdynamic opens up a new headphone-generation. TG 1000 is the first 24-bit digital wireless system, which covers the impressive 319 MHz UHF frequency range (470-789 MHz). It is extremely reliable and suitable for stage and conference applications worldwide.
2013beyerdynamic opens offices in Bangalore/India and Singapore. The new Shipping Center in Talheim is put into operation. The modern and enlarged warehouse and logistics space achieves the necessary requirements for the future.
2014The company celebrates its 90th anniversary. For that it brings the T 90 Jubilee headphones as well as a Limited Edition of M 88 TG on the market. With Orbis beyerdynamic introduces a new wired conference system, offering outstanding reliability, individuality and design.
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