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Installed Sound Microphones
  • Various designs for diverse applications
  • Thanks to the Scudio technology, the microphones are protected from interference caused by mobile phones.
  • Different microphones are recommended depending upon the number of attendees, room size, room acoustics and public address system

INSTALLATION microphones

The purpose of a microphone is to convert the sound of the spoken word into an electrical signal. Sound and volume have to be synchronised perfectly, because a bad signal at the beginning of a sound system chain cannot then be retroactively enhanced using electronic aids.
The beyerdynamic installation microphones guarantee an uncompromising transmission of the spoken word and maximum speech intelligibility from the outset. The diverse product range allows for solutions for various applications such as lecterns, podiums, meetings, conferences, teleconferences, video conferences and ceiling installations.???????

gooseneck microphones

Gooseneck microphones are the ideal solution for larger conferences, rooms with “poor acoustics” and for use with indoor public address systems. The speaker has to speak directly into the microphone, but this proximity means that background noise is picked up less.

ceiling microphones

Ceiling microphones are available as a discreet solution when technology on the table is not wanted. The speaker is recorded by the room microphone and can move about. As the microphone is far away from the speaker, background noise and echo tend to be recorded, which is why the room acoustics are important for ensuring a good result.

REVOLUTO ARRAY microphones

The characteristics of Revoluto array microphones give speakers greater freedom of movement while maintaining a consistent volume and speech intelligibility. This allows a clear view of the speaker, who does not have to speak directly into the microphone.

more about revoluto >???????



boundary microphones

For video conferences and small meetings that are recorded with no public address system, multiple persons can share one microphone. Built-in options ensure a discreet installation, and table microphones are available as either wired or wireless solutions for mobile applications.


The USB boundary microphone is ideal for small meetings with sound recording or for Skype conferences.

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