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Wired Conference System
  • Various microphones, flush-mounted, substructure and custom solutions
  • Modern design and high-quality materials
  • Simple operation
  • Operational reliability thanks to a ring cabling option?


The spoken word and its effect on our fellow human beings is part of our communication on a daily basis, at conferences and lectures. Whether in conference rooms, council halls or boardrooms – the spoken word can only be powerful if it is understood. Therefore, technology becomes an indispensable part of your entire presentation. This digital wired conference system combines demanding design and discreet integration in high-quality furnishing and becomes an inherent part of your success. During development we were very careful to concentrate on the operational reliability and user convenience of the system, without having to neglect technical refinements. Conference systems by beyerdynamic stand for the best audio quality and highest quality standards – “Made in Germany”. Modern design, ease-of-use, operational reliability and high-quality materials are now what make this new conference system stand out. 

Microphone types 

 Depending upon the requirements on the design and room acoustics, gooseneck microphones in various lengths or Revoluto array microphones can be used, which allow for greater freedom of movement while maintaining a consistent volume.???????

installation solutions

Different built-in solutions allow for discreet integration in tables and the armrests of chairs.

System capacity

The line system topology allows the operation with a maximum of 100 microphone units using one control unit. If the system is connected in a loop to achieve the redundant operating mode, a maximum of 50 microphone units can be connected to one control unit.


Components of the new Orbis wired conference system have received the worldrenowned “Red Dot Award“.

Reliable operation

A set up with all microphone units in a loop ensures a system redundancy with a maximum operational reliability. Even when a defect within the cabling of the microphone units or a failure within the microphone units occurs, the conference system will still be powered from the other end of the loop.

Media control system

Using the RS-232 interface, the Orbis can be connected to a media control system. Control commands allow convenient operation of the microphones and various status displays, such as redundancy, fire alarm and audio recording. There is also a module available for an Extron control unit, which can serve as an expansion of the system.

orbis system

This video describes the Orbis system and shows its manufacture in Germany.


The current firmware version is:

Orbis CU central control unit: 1.5.1
Orbis MU microphone units: 1.5.0

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.Orbis System (Line)
The system topology line allows the operation of 100 microphone units.

Orbis System (Ring)
50 call stations can be operated in the ring-shaped redundant operating mode.


klantcase, netherlands

regional court, berlin 

city hall, flein


Architect's Specifications

beyerdynamic-Architects-Specifications-2018-03.zip (1.95 MB)

Quick Start Guide

MAN_Orbis-QSG_DE-EN-FR-ES_A3.pdf (1.19 MB)

Info Materials

PLA_Orbis_19-04_DE_System-Overview.pdf (988.23 KB)

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