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Wireless Conference System
  • Microphone units with gooseneck microphone, Revoluto array microphone, handheld microphone
  • Boundary microphone as a small meeting solution and for video conferences
  • Suitable for rooms in listed buildings because cables will not be installed
  • Mobile solution, quick to set up and dismantle; can be stored in a charging case
  • Operational reliability thanks to triple band


Quinta is more than a wireless conference system, the product range includes not only microphone units with gooseneck microphones and Revoluto array microphones, but also wireless handheld microphones, which provide the same functionality as the microphone units. The wireless boundary microphones can be used as microphone or conference microphone unit. Quinta is already the 5th generation of wireless conference systems from beyerdynamic – digital, flexible, safe.


Quinta can be used for following applications:
meetings, conferences, video conferences, press conferences in court rooms ans as an interpreter solution.

The system provides maximum flexibility with microphone units with gooseneck or Revoluto array microphones, handheld transmitters or boundary microphones.


In locations where the system is not in constant use or is used in different rooms, or where cables cannot be installed in listed buildings, the Quinta wireless conference system can be set up and dismantled again quickly and easily as a mobile solution. The system is ready to go at any time in a practical transport, charging and storage case.


Thanks to its numerous interfaces, Quinta is easy to integrate into media control units. Various operating modes and the freely programmable buttons on the chairman microphone unit allow variable use.



A headset or inductive neck loop for wearers of hearing aids/CI can be connected via the microphone units’ headphone connector. The noticeably tactile buttons provide direct feedback and feature Braille characters.

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The current software and firmware versions are:
PC software version 3.1.01
Central control unit firmware version 3.0.0
Microphone unit firmware version 3.0.00/01

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Architect's Specifications

beyerdynamic-Architects-Specifications-2018-03.zip (1.95 MB)

Info Materials

PLA_Quinta_19-12_EN_System-Overview_.pdf (1.92 MB)

Quick Start Guide

MAN_Quinta-QuickStartGuide_DE-EN-FR_A7.pdf (3.78 MB)

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